Business Development Support

Every year, thousands of people take their expertise, learned from education, practice, and "on the job" experience and set out to start a business offering their skill to paying customers.

However, statistics show that 50% of these businesses will fail within the first 2 years and 80% will have failed by the 5th year. Most of these businesses do not fail because they lacked money! They are experts in their particular field, utilizing their particular skill; however they lack the methodology and principles of building a sustainable, profitable, thriving business, are too overwhelmed servicing customers and never spend time working on their business.

Our combination of education and one-on-one personalized guidance will help you take control of your business.  As a business owner, your most important work is creating positive monthly cash flow and growing a profitable business – not working in the business.

Specifically, we will provide you, the business owner, with the knowledge and guidance to understand how to:

  • Evolve to the necessary mindset of a successful business owner
  • Establish a Growth Plan which will functionally guide the business owner through each phase of business development
  • Effectively establish a quantifiable business matrix which will provide a measurement tool for the businesses progress
  • Create an authentic and compelling marketing message which will attract prospective customers
  • Properly develop and execute a sales strategy to convert prospects into paying customers
  • Provide a level of customer care that creates raving fans of your business, yielding repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referral marketing
  • Identify your business's strengths and weaknesses to differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Effectively communicate to customers, employees, and vendors a consistent message
  • Create systems that will provide for an efficient and profitable operation
  • Track, plan, and effectively understand the financial progress of the business
  • Lead and manage a coherent business team


Support, guidance, and knowledge are delivered by the hour, in blocks of time.

Email ( to schedule a 15-minute introductory phone conversation to discuss how we can help you move your business forward.