"Javis Brunson has provided me with invaluable guidance in growing my business. He brings an abundance of expertise, insight, and passion for the success of his clients. Asta Publications has grown 50% since working with Javis and because of him we are growing leaps and bounds. Javis Brunson will remain an integral part of our company as we grow."

Assuanta Howard, Founder & CEO 
Asta Publications

"I launched my small business in 2010, fueled by passion with little understanding of the challenges that lay ahead.  I had no strategy for success, just a vision for growth.  Working with Javis Brunson Consultants leveled the playing field for me.  Javis not only instilled me with the confidence I needed to push forward, he assisted me to create a strategy for scaling my business by always asking the right questions, providing knowledgable and seasoned feedback and most of all by caring about me and my success as a small business owner.  I am grateful that he is in my corner and I am a better business person because of it. "
Ayala Donchin, Owner & Executive Chef
Evelyn's Kithen

"Jay’s coaching has helped me become much more accountable to myself which has improved my follow-through in many areas of my life."
James Murray, Compliance Officer
York Capital

" I have had the pleasure of working with Javis on numerous occasions. He is an expert in his field who knows how to bring out the best in everyone he deals with. He is a great person that demonstrates all of the qualities of a great leader and friend…honesty, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and an ability to push people beyond their limits. I eagerly await an opportunity to work with Javis in the future.”
Ryan Walsh, President
Walsh Electrical Contracting, Inc.

"Jay challenged me to reach deep into my potential and move far beyond what I was originally intending to do with my business. He motivated me to go the extra mile so that I am able now to create the business results I truly desired."

 "I am filled with gratitude for Jay's effortless talent of dedication and support. Jay was and continues to be there for me and my business at critical times when key decisions needed to be made. Since working with Jay in 2009, I've attracted the paying clients that I've been looking for and my business activity has increase because of my work with him. Thank you, Jay!"

Connie Scalamandre, Founder and President
Fit Mind for Life, LLC

"After speaking with Javis Brunson I realized that I did not have just a family bakery but a viable business one that could go the distance and be a contender in my market or better yet a leader in my industry. He challenged me to rise to the occasion and think like a CEO. He helped me to create a vision.  His guidance has kept me focused on our plan of action that keeps our business moving towards the next level of success.  Our family is forever grateful that someone like J exists and that he cares and we are forever blessed that he is in our life."
Carmen Rodriguez, CEO/Founder

"Working with Javis "Jay" Brunson has been instrumental to my business in 2009. Jay has sped up my learning curve exponentially in such a way that I am improving my business more efficiently and effectively by light years - as compared to having learned these lessons on my own."
"Not only has Jay been a coach to me, but he has also served as a mentor. Like any true coach, he understands how to get the most out of me. He has taught me how to play to my strengths. I am extremely grateful for his input and presence in my life."
Anthony Shropshire
NRL Wealth Creation Strategies

"Javis was not only was a tremendous asset for me while developing the foundation and framework of a new business venture, but has opened many doors for me along the way.  He has an amazing network available that he utilized to help me along the way.  I continue to reach out to Javis for encouragement and focus to this day""
Shad Interligi CEO
Real Hit Media Inc and Wall Mural LLC 

"Being an entrepreneur is often a lonely professional and we have to rely on that little voice to help us think rationally and make important business decisions.  For me, that voice is Jay's.  He has taught me one of the most important business lessons in that there is beauty in simplicity.  His "drill down" approach helps you see your business in its most basic elements making them easier to work with and address issues quickly and efficiently.  He uses tough love which has enabled me to be more accountable for my business and its success.  Most importantly, Jay has helped me to start working ON my business instead of IN my business freeing me to be the leader I was born to be.  Javis is a professional is the truest sense of the word and receives my full recommendation.  "
Juan C. Perez, Chief Executive Officer 
Highbrid Media

"I worked with Jay to develop a plan to grow my business. Working with him is like going to psychologist. Through discussions he helps bring out your real needs and helps you develop the plan to attain your goals. Once your goal is set he helps you develop the plan to attain it.  At times I was looking for perfection and delayed taking action because the perfect plan was not there yet.  Jay motivated me to begin projects and refine them as I went along.  This is different than the way I did things before working with Jay.  It has increased my productivity!"

"Jay has helped me to stay focus on moving my business forward by helping me understand “when is good enough, good enough.”  This has helped me to take ACTION steps to move on projects instead of not starting them to wait for the perfect plan."

"He is a great business advisor, motivator and business strategists that has shown me how to grow my business!"

Bob Chory, Presidnet/Sales Manager
Valente Yeast Company, Inc.

"Working with Jay has been a tremendous service to a new company. Jay has a rich understanding of the work and life of an entrepreneur. He asks challenging questions and helps you and your company reach your potential. Jay's guidance and patience has been invaluable to the growth of my business. He is committed and has a warm positive personality. If you are looking for new and innovative ways to view and grow your business, work with Jay Brunson."

Sarah Bernier, Co-Founder
Relax Already Yoga

 "Javis Brunson has been one of the major factors in my company's continued success.  His experience and insightfulness as a business coach has been remarkable.  He has helped us with new ideas on making the business more efficient and working on getting the proper infrastructure in place to handle our company's growth.  In addition, Mr. Brunson has been vital in helping us identify and pursue growth opportunities.  Utilizing his services has been instrumental in growing as a leader and being able to bring my company to the next level."


John Rafferty, President & CEO

"A coach has been defined as a teacher, a mentor, a loyal friend and confidant. Javis Brunson has been that and much more for my business. Thru his consulting, insightful step by step direction, guidance, motivation and advice aimed at positioning each project and procedure for optimal success, he has helped me develop and unleash within myself a powerful CEO that is now seeing exponential growth in my business as never before.  

Javis is the perfect ingredient for any entrepreneur looking to attain and sustain scalability. The result is consistent - Increased Profitability ."

"My business and life are better because of him." 

Vanessa Best, Founder/CEO
Precision HealthCare Consultants

"In 2007 I ran my business with one employee.  Within a few years the company reach one million dollars in revenues. I had ventured into unchartered business territory. The company had grown and I needed to have measures in place to scale up. I needed to position the company for that next wave of growth and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I hired Jay."

"With his personable demeanor and extraordinary background, he has advised and continues to advise me on how to move the company in the right direction. From CRM development, reporting tools, reorganization of the entire company, reviewing policies & procedures, assisting me with the on/off boarding process of staff and his wealth of business resources has been invaluable to me and the orderly growth of my company.  There isn’t anything he cannot assist you with. If he cannot help you he will find someone who can. I am blessed to have him in my corner."

Lily Pacheco, CEO & Founder

Natural Languages LLC